Sunday, September 30, 2012

Communing With Nature

Normally, I don't skip church on a Sunday morning to go hiking, but this morning I felt the need to get out into the mountains and just walk. I had been looking forward to the trip to Capitol Reef (that didn't happen this week) for a very long time. I have mentioned this before, but time spent in the wild places around me is time I use to rejuvenate my mind and soul. My job (the one I am grateful I have, but dislike more than I can express) seems to suck everything good and wholesome right out of me. Time spent camping helps replenish what I lose on a daily basis. Missing that was not easy, though we did find ways to make it easier. One of those ways was to spend time hiking today; the final day before returning to work. I wanted to spend time in the majesty of the mountains, surrounded by the amazing autumn colours, and worrying about nothing more than the settings on my camera. It was a glorious day for hiking and I have proof.

Now maybe it might not be quite as hard to face work tomorrow morning.