Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second Verse, Same As The First

I won't spend all my time whining tonight, I promise. I will say that this last week was much like 2010, week one. Still getting blamed simply because I happen to be the one on the phone, still fielding problem after weird problem, and still having to face rudeness with professionalism and and anger with courtesy. At least Friday was a bit better than the rest of the week work-wise. It would have been better if I had been able to get my car fixed, but I found out Thursday that the part we had been waiting a week for was never actually ordered, so now driving at our own risk will not end until Wednesday at the earliest. I am very close to waving the white flag already, and it is only January 16th. Still, my optimism, though on life support, remains and I have hopes that this will all let up sometime soon.

I threw this photo in tonight because this is what my mind has been on a lot lately; not necessarily Zion National Park specifically, but being out in the beauty of nature again. Merilee and I were not able to make our autumn trip to Arches last year, though we did see Capital Reef in September. It seems like it has been a very long time since we have been camping, and I am eager to go again. I find myself wondering if February is still too early to go to Zion. I have requested a couple of days off in April so we can head to Arches and Canyonlands, but I am not sure if I can wait that long, especially with the emotional pounding I have taken the last two weeks. I need to find other ways to rejuvenate in addition to camping. Nothing seems to work as well for me as spending time in these amazing places. The more I think about it, the more certain I am that we should go to Glacier after Yellowstone. I long to see that park again.

Just a quick goal update; exercising still needs work (who wants to walk outside when the air is practically thick enough to eat with a spoon), still weaning myself from soda (only have it on the weekend, not during the week. Next step is a Coke-free weekend), and I have not written creatively yet this year. I am struggling to make contact with the muse I have ignored for far too long. Scripture reading is going well; every day so far. Tithing paid almost without regret, but not quite; still working on that. Working on the other areas as well. So far, so good.

So there you have it; nothing earth-shattering this week on the personal front. I face the coming work week knowing that I have to take it one day at a time (old cliches, gotta love 'em) and try to enjoy the time off as much as possible. One final thought, though. I have noticed that it feels like my world has shrunk considerably since I began working from home full-time. I no longer have the time at the office, so everything revolves around the apartment. It has been especially bad the last two weeks as we try not to go out in the car in case we should get stopped by a less-than-understanding officer of the law who would rather write us a ticket than give us a pass because the part we need still is not in. It has saved on gas, but I fear becoming somewhat of a recluse. Hopefully getting out and walking Monday morning will help get me away from all that.

Anyway, here's hoping for a better week and go Vikings! By the time I get home from church tomorrow, it will either be all over, or they will go down to the Big Easy and get beat up by the Saints. Or maybe not. I think I have some idea what it was like to be a Red Sox fan. Besides, I cannot stand the Cowboys. OK, I'm rambling now so it is definitely time to say goodnight before things get too silly.....or incomprehensible, your choice.