Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blog As Personal Confessional Continues

I am trying to prepare myself for Wednesday morning. That is when my kids board the plane back to Sweden and my life returns to what it is without them. It has been a wonderful two months, aside from the cellulitis in my right leg that forced cancellation of almost all our early plans. The first three weeks of their visit were spent with me dealing with that. Still, we have made the best of what we had and it has been thoroughly enjoyable, though horribly brief. I have had to say this goodbye every summer now for 10 years, but it never gets any easier. If anything, it becomes ever more difficult. I know the crash that is coming; I find myself fearing its intensity and wondering if I have the strength to make it through yet one more time. Somehow I will, just like always, but I not certain how deep the wounds will go or how long it will take the scars to re-form once again. I grit my teeth and turn into the wind once again.