Friday, September 30, 2011

The Weekend Has Arrived

After what has been a very long week, I am ready for this weekend. It started well tonight with Timp High beating Mountview 23-9. It was a fun game and I took photos of Coach Kauo who is our neighbor. I may print a couple of the best ones up for him.

Tomorrow is General Conference, so most of my day is planned for me already. I may try to get up early and go hiking before the first session, but I haven't decided yet. That decision will come when the alarm goes off in the morning. Our home teacher, who is also the Elders Quorum President, all but promised he would have tickets for Merilee and I to go to a session, but we missed church last week and there has been no word from him, so we will just listen at home. I have never attended a session of Conference in person. It would have been nice to go, but those are the breaks. I tend to never count on things like that happening to me because even when it looks like it is a done deal, it never seems to happen.

OK, it's late and if I want to have any hope of hiking in the morning, I better get to bed now. Until tomorrow, then.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Or Going

I couldn't think of anything to write tonight, so I thought I would use the NoBloPoMo prompt, only because I really don't fly anywhere anymore, I have modified it a bit. Personally, I tend to like the going more than the coming back these days. When we go places, it is usually camping and I use those trips to help rejuvenate as I have mentioned in other posts. While there are definitely things I like about being home, I don't like my job much, so having that lurking on any return is not too pleasant. This summer, I have gotten through work by focusing on the next trip. I'm still doing it in that I am looking forward to the end of October and our trip to Arches. Maybe the change that will soon be happening with my job will be a good thing and I will dislike it a bit less and returning will not have that black mark against it.

Only one more day in the week and the month. Too bad it feel more like August then almost October, though I hear tell that will be changing soon enough. Can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28

Happy Birthday to me! 47 years old and still don't feel a day over 45. Just kidding. I actually don't worry too much about my chronological age. In my head I'm still no more than 30. So here's to the 17th anniversary of my 30th birthday.

(Still not in the mood for much reflection. Maybe later.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waning Hours

Not long now and I will have completed the 47th year of my existence. I would say that now is a good time for reflection, but I would really rather not tonight. Maybe tomorrow after a good meal I will feel more like looking back over my life. Tonight I think I would rather just read a good book and drift off to sleep, hoping that tomorrow is a decent enough day. I will say that I am hoping for great things in year 48, but really expecting much more of the same. I think I feel a mid-life crisis coming on. Better go try to sleep it off.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Not Much Tonight

Nothing like the first day back at work after a vacation to make me wish I was still on vacation. This was one of those Mondays that give all Mondays a bad reputation. If it wasn't the 40 minute, stats-wrecking call, it was the degeneration of my phone into a fragmented mess when I tried to talk. I was so glad to see the day come to an end. Hopefully this is not an early indication of where the rest of the week is going. I have training the rest of the week, so I'm afraid to even wonder how bad it might get.

I'm going to head to bed early tonight.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More About The Reef

On this trip to Capitol Reef, we did something new every day. When we arrived, we selected a camp site in the walk-in area, mainly because it was the best option available. Tuesday we drove the Notom-Bullfrog Road down to the Burr Trail, and then took the Burr Trail over to Highway 12 at Boulder. That was truly amazing. Friday I hiked the Cohab Canyon Trail from the campground to Highway 24, and then followed the highway back to the campground (not very smart on my part and my legs are still sore as a result of that hike). Saturday we drove down to Pleasant Creek and walked along the creek a bit. Here are a couple of photos from the trip.

On Saturday, we decided to drive through Capitol Gorge on our way back from Pleasant Creek. Now, there is a sign at the entrance to the dirt road into the gorge stating that no vehicles over 27 feet long should try the drive. Well, a little way in we began seeing what appeared to be Japanese tourists taking photos along the side of the road. Merilee remarked that they must have walked a bit to get where we saw them. The we saw why they were there. The driver of their tour bus (yes, bus....much more than 27 feet long) had taken the bus down into the gorge on the dirt road. We hurried to the parking lot and turned around as quick as we could because we did not want to get stuck in the gorge should the bus become stuck trying to turn around. The road is very narrow and rather rough, so I have no idea how they got as far as they got. I also have no idea how long it took them to get it out.