Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Or Going

I couldn't think of anything to write tonight, so I thought I would use the NoBloPoMo prompt, only because I really don't fly anywhere anymore, I have modified it a bit. Personally, I tend to like the going more than the coming back these days. When we go places, it is usually camping and I use those trips to help rejuvenate as I have mentioned in other posts. While there are definitely things I like about being home, I don't like my job much, so having that lurking on any return is not too pleasant. This summer, I have gotten through work by focusing on the next trip. I'm still doing it in that I am looking forward to the end of October and our trip to Arches. Maybe the change that will soon be happening with my job will be a good thing and I will dislike it a bit less and returning will not have that black mark against it.

Only one more day in the week and the month. Too bad it feel more like August then almost October, though I hear tell that will be changing soon enough. Can't wait for the weekend!

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