Friday, September 30, 2011

The Weekend Has Arrived

After what has been a very long week, I am ready for this weekend. It started well tonight with Timp High beating Mountview 23-9. It was a fun game and I took photos of Coach Kauo who is our neighbor. I may print a couple of the best ones up for him.

Tomorrow is General Conference, so most of my day is planned for me already. I may try to get up early and go hiking before the first session, but I haven't decided yet. That decision will come when the alarm goes off in the morning. Our home teacher, who is also the Elders Quorum President, all but promised he would have tickets for Merilee and I to go to a session, but we missed church last week and there has been no word from him, so we will just listen at home. I have never attended a session of Conference in person. It would have been nice to go, but those are the breaks. I tend to never count on things like that happening to me because even when it looks like it is a done deal, it never seems to happen.

OK, it's late and if I want to have any hope of hiking in the morning, I better get to bed now. Until tomorrow, then.

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