Saturday, July 30, 2011

Study In Futility?

I was just looking at the stats that Blogger conveniently posts for us now and I noticed that, based on that information, I am essentially alone in this endeavor. While that does not surprise me to any great extent (OK, not at all would be closer to the truth), it is still somewhat disheartening. It would be nice to have at least the occasional reader stumble upon my meanderings, but I guess my tags just don't bring about many hits, or are not very interesting. Oh well, so it goes. That doesn't mean my new-found determination to post here has been lost, just that I hope no one's definition of insanity includes writing to one's self.

I was trying to think of brilliant ways to get myself to write here, and I thought about the 'picture of the day' approach, but that has been done before (and often to death). I have settled on simply reminding myself to do it and hope that works. Since I appear to mostly be writing to myself, I am going to write for myself. Who knows, some day I may be glad that I did. That said, I will still likely include photos as photography is something I enjoy doing. It is my main creative outlet, along with writing, and I try to improve each time I bring out my camera. I hope anyone who may come across this entry will enjoy the photo of Arches I have included. It's one of my favourite places in the world, and this is from an area that I don't think many people visit. If you really want to know where it is, I'll tell, but I'm not volunteering at this point.

I began my activities this evening posting to another unread blog I set up in an effort to keep my political ramblings out of this one. I had last posted to it back in April..........of 2010. Let's just say that there has been enough frustration in the past 15 months that I did not need to get myself riled up any more writing about it, at least not in a blog. My representatives in Washington know of my frustration if they, and not just their staff, have actually read anything I have sent their way. Still, I find it is good to get some of that frustration out here as well. I enjoy writing, and I realize that I need to no longer let little things dissuade me from doing it.

So while I may have dismissed the thought of the daily new photo approach, I have decided that my goal for August is to post something....anything....each day of the month. I hope it will get me back in the habit of writing and away from that $%^&$#@ Facebook where I waste waaaaay too much time (just ask my wife). I welcome anyone interested in joining me for the journey (or experiment, whichever way you look at it) and hope it with be rewarding (or at least a pleasant curiosity) for us all. See you on Monday (if not tomorrow).