Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking Forward

Through all the frustration I have felt recently over trying to find a new job, I find myself looking forward to the end of October. My wife and I will take our annual trip to Arches and celebrate our engagement again. While we will celebrate our first anniversary here in a few days, we like to also celebrate he day we made that first commitment to each other.

It will also be a time to recharge the batteries, in a manner of speaking. I love the peace I feel at Arches. After a weekend there, breathing the crisp Autumn air and hiking in, through, over, and around the red rocks, I am refreshed and able to face my 'normal' life with renewed energy.

It will also be a way to recover from what has been, in many ways, a very difficult summer. I was supposed to spend a couple weeks with my kids this summer, but being unemployed made that trip an impossibility. Looking for work has almost taken on the feeling of fighting a pitched battle against overwhelming odds. I have submitted so many applications and have yet to have a single interview. It has been frustrating and incredibly discouraging. There have been some definite high points, but they have been few and somewhat far between. I am hoping that, whatever my employment status at the time, our time at Arches will help me get past much of the negative feelings I have been dealing with since the end of March.

Until then, I look at photos, like the one posted here, and try to bring back to mind the peace I have felt in trips past. I can almost be there in my thoughts. Time to break out the photo albums!

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Geo said...

Oh, those beloved Arches! Red rock country is an important part of our own story. It's good to have that in common! I'm glad and M. get to go there soon(ish), and that just the anticipation of that trip is bringing you good feelings.

Thanks for your notes . . . I hope the four of us can get together soon for dinner . . . or lunch . . . and definitely some catching up. I want to hear about the job/jobless sitch, and for sure we need to talk ward historian stuff. I just got released last Sunday but I still have all my files and the ideas are still fresh, since you're looking for input from an old timer. : )

I like the coping technique you're describing here. Maybe you can bring photos to our rendezvous and show us some of your beautiful shots. I know you have some, 'cause you've got a good eye.