Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Long Silence

I really did not mean to take so long between writing here, but the last few weeks have been something of a nightmare in many ways; the main nightmare being a little something called H1N1. Now, I never went to the doctor to make it official, but from everything I have read and from what I have been told, it sounds exactly like the porcine influenza in all it's glory. Besides, Merilee never got sick, even though I was sick as the proverbial dog, and she was immunized for H1N1. I spent almost two full weeks feeling like I was becoming a good friend of the grim reaper, with two days of that spent in a serious relationship. I am just now starting to feel something like my old self. What a joy 2010 has been thus far.

Now it looks like our planned Arches adventure in April will probably become a Zion adventure, with Arches being put off until late October. The Arches campground is almost completely booked until some time in May. I have never had a problem booking a site there before. It would seem that many others are starting to love the place as much as I do. We would try something in Canyonlands, but they are all first-come-first-served campgrounds and that is an awfully long way to drive not knowing you have someplace to stay when you get there. We'll see what happens. Maybe someone will cancel right when I can make the reservations, but that is a pipe dream if ever there was one.

One good thing that happened during this otherwise bleak period was that I managed to get four tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band on Aug. 17. I have been trying to see Dave for some time now and it looks like it will finally happen. Even better was the fact that the tickets were FREE! That's right; Dave and the guys had to cancel the Salt Lake shows two years in a row, so they decided to make this show free and I managed to get tickets. It was definitely one of those right place at the right time kinds of things. I think somebody upstairs realized that I really needed a boost in the morale department.

Anyway, I'll quit complaining for now and hope for better things for the rest of the week. My day at work today (as well as the final three last week) has not given me much hope for that, but I try to focus on what little seems to be left. And in case anyone thinks that I am always negative in my posts, I will just say that I put off writing in part because I did not want my post to be too negative. Believe me, if I had tried to write this during the last two weekends, this post would have made me look blissfully happy in comparison. That's just the way things have been lately. Things have got to get better from here. or so I keep telling myself. But I'll quit complaining and try to be more positive when next I write.

Thanks for putting up with me.

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