Friday, November 18, 2011

New Things We Could Use

1. A job - mine is wearing me out.

2. An apartment - while grateful we have a roof over our head, we also have a very loud family over our head and we are tired of dealing with disasters.

3. A computer - this one is getting woefully out of date. It's still serviceable, but it is slow and none of the newer web browsers support it.

4. A love seat/small sofa - ours is all but dead

5. A car - OK, not very badly, but it would be nice to get better gas mileage.

6. Attitude - mine has taken a seriously negative turn of late. On this list, this is the one thing I think will actually happen, maybe.

7. Bed/mattress - we could both use better sleep at night.

Things I can always use more of
Fellowship with friends

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