Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year, New Goals (Kind Of)

Without further ado, I hereby present

What I Plan, Or Hope, To Accomplish, The End Of The World (2012) Edition
1. Complete a photo book about Capitol Reef. I did it (finally) once, I think I can do it again.

2. Other than the photo book, write four chapters or four short stories, or any combination of the two.

3. Hike to the summit of Timp again. I'll have to get started on preparing for this one right away.

4. Hike up to Squaw Peak.

5. Upgrade my computer. This one may soon become a necessity.

6. Exercise. I need to get into shape. I want to be able to go hiking and only stop frequently because I am taking photos, not because I need a breather.

7. Write in my journal at least once a week. This is an oldie but goodie at this point.

8. Visit Great Basin National Park. It is really quite close and we have never been there.

That's a few for right now. I will likely add more tomorrow, but right now I am rather tired. We spent the evening with my family at our monthly family party/late Christmas gathering (my brother and his family had to wait until this weekend to come up from St. George) and the noise tends to wear on me a bit sometimes. i could not, however, miss posting the first day of the year.

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