Saturday, March 25, 2006

My 'Fours'...with further adjustments

Here's to Geo for such a great list. I loved the visuals and may try to include some of my own when I figure out how. In the meantime, here mine are.

Four instances of gainful employment:
1. Grocery bagger (for tips only)
2. Painter (ended after 1 day and a splitting headache)
3. Customer service rep (for a mental health ironic)
4. Writer/analyst

Four favourite unpaid but far from thankless jobs:
1. Long-distance dad
2. Helping my grandmother with her geneology
3. Yardwork for my parents
4. Writing for the Sanpete Messenger (all four articles and one photo)

More than Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. The Lord of the Rings (OK, OK, I know that's really three, but...)
2. Serendipity
3. Blade Runner-Director's Cut
4. Big Fish
5. Star Wars (I relive the awe I felt when I first saw it as a kid every time I see it)
6. Local Hero
7. Better Off Dead
8. Shadowlands

Four filmmakers I adore:
1. Tim Burton
2. George Lucas
3. Terry Gilliam
4. Nick Park

Four writers I adore:
1. J.R.R. Tolkien
2. Thomas Hardy
3. Mark Helprin
4. Somerset Maugham

A few more:
(Sorry, couldn't keep it to just four)
1. Graham Greene
2. Leslie Norris
3. James Herriot
4. Anita Brookner
5. Willa Cather
6. Jane Austin

Four widely studied writers I could never quite 'get':
1. William Faulkner
2. Henry James
3. Walt Whitman
4. Edgar Allen Poe

Four places I have lived:
1. Sandy, UT
2. Jacksonville/Camp LeJeune. NC
3. Albany, GA
4. Provo, UT

Four places I'd rather be:
1. With my kids
2. Arches National Park
3. In an eternal marriage
4. Alaska

Four places I have vacationed:
1. Sweden
2. London
3. Arches National Park
4. Yellowstone National Park

Four qualities I want in my next home:
1. My soulmate
2. My kids
3. Room for my books and CDs
4. Evenings filled with friends

Four 'highly regarded' TV shows I've never watched a minute of:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. American Idol (don't even get me started)
3. The Sopranos
4. Sex and the City

Four TV shows I love
1. Northern Exposure
2. Mad About You
3. X-files
4. Monty Python's Flying Circus

Four recording artists I am listening to a lot lately:
1. Vienna Teng
2. Collective Soul
3. My Friend The Chocolate Cake
4. Crowded House
(This list changes almost daily)

Four 'obscure' recording artists I'm glad I found:
1. Not Drowning, Waving
2. Frazier Chorus
3. The Blue Nile
4. Angie Aparo

Four recording artists I think are vastly overrated:
1. U2 (Please, no hate mail. You won't change my mind. Many have tried, none have succeeded.)
2. Rolling Stones
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Neil Young

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. Curry
2. Jambalaya
3. Shrimp with garlic, tomatoes, and parmesan over pasta
4. Grilled salmon

Four non-blog Web sites I visit frequently:
1. Mars Rovers (
2. Hubble Space Telescope (
3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (
4. National Parks Service (

Four things I hope to see before I die:
1. The Northern Lights (again...they are hauntingly beautiful and completely unforgettable)
2. Denali National Park
3. The Pyramids in Egypt
4. New Zealand

Four natural wonders I'll never forget:
1. The Northern Lights
2. Thunderstorms in Zion National Park
3. Sunset at the Grand Canyon
4. The sky at Arches on a moonless night

Four people I'm tagging:
Um......nope, drawing a blank unfortunately

OK, I have probably overdone it a bit with the additions, so I'll stop now. I didn't think this would be as easy as it turned out to be. It would be nice to have more people to tag, but I'm afraid the social life is non-existant and the list of friends--let alone blogging friends--is woefully short. Thanks to Geo again for tagging me.

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Geo said...

Tag shmag. It's just cool you did this. It's great! And I love your additions--you make me want to write up more fours.

Speaking of watching LOTR over and over, I actually made it through nearly ALL of the extended version of the trilogy with a couple girlfriends yesterday. Would've finished the last one had I not needed to get home and check on my grandmother. Whew! Burnt my eyebulbs!

I can't believe I forgot to "Four" Nick Park.

And "Mad About You" was nearly on my list as well.

Maybe we should plan a NIck Park marathon sometime . . . ?