Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Search Continues

Since Friday marks the end of my sixth week unemployed, I thought it might be interesting (to me, anyway) to chronicle my search for employment here. Not only will it help relieve some of the stress involved, but it make help me come up with new ideas. I really did not anticipate being out of work for so long, so I might as well make it a constructive experience.

Yesterday and today I have made the usual rounds of various job posting sites and found that there is little new for me there. I have applied for a couple of jobs with the National Park Service that I was qualified for, but I have heard nothing back on any of them. I applied figuring that I might as well look at this time as a chance to possibly change careers and do something I truly love, but that has not gotten me very far yet. I press forward each day, hoping I will find that one unique opportunity that will result in a job that I enjoy, rather than just another job.

I have also taken the opportunity to set some things up regarding my photography. I have a Flickr site (search for utvikingsfan1964) and a site on (search for Scott Bishop) where I have a few photos posted so far in the off chance that someone sees them and likes them enough to purchase them. I would love to be able to use my photography as my career because I could combine it with my love of the outdoors extremely easily. At this point in time and due to the recent job loss, I tend to be rather self-critical, so I have to remind myself that just because I have not sold anything yet, it does not mean I am a talentless hack.

Today I completed a profile on BrightFuse, another business networking site, in addition to my job search. I have been working from the Provo library while my dear wife has been doing her volunteer work here. While I have not applied for anything today, I continue to contemplate a job located in Dugway. I only contemplate it at this point because I really do not want to relocate to Tooele. Anyway, minimal success today. I'll be back here again tomorrow, the picture of least for awhile.

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