Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Library Conversations

I know I mentioned this before, but I am here at the library and, once again, there are some pretty interesting conversations taking place on cell phones where all can hear least the one side of the conversation. Right now, there is a guy who appears to be telling someone some of the reasons they can use to explain away fees they are charging someone. He's telling this person they can say it's for their overheard, extra costs they may face, and things similar to that. I am guessing he is involved in some multi-level marketing scheme and someone in the other person's downline in complaining about mysterious fees that are taken out of what they should be earning. Definitely the kind of information best shared in a non-public location. I am pretty sure this is the same guy who was talking about payroll the last time I wrote about this happening. Now he is talking to someone (I am guess his immediate superior) and sharing the conversation with that person.

Earlier, there was an older woman who is apparently getting ready to sell for Usana. She was setting up a meeting with whoever she will be selling under and she was explaining that her husband was still "not on board" but that she was sure he would be once she was able to get going and she could show him how successful she could become. She kept talking about how she had always admired Usana and how they have the only program she thinks will work, and she has looked at a lot of programs.

Some people may say that I should not be sharing these things here, but these are conversations taking place in a very public setting. Any assumption of privacy on their part is null and void because of the location. The point I am making is that they carry on these conversations as if they were at home. It may be they come to the library because they cannot speak freely at home. If that is the case, it seems to me that they have some serious honest issues. Admittedly, these are all assumptions on my part because I can hear only one side of the conversation and I do not know these people. I am not trying to eavesdrop, either. Both of these individuals were at least 50 feet away, giving you some idea of how loudly they were speaking.

Personally, I think cell phone use in the library should be prohibited. It is distracting to other patrons and it really has no place. If you have to be on the phone, reserve a study room and conduct your business there. Please do not share with the rest of us just how little you understand the meaning of such words as privacy, confidentiality, and personal information. The rest of us do not want to hear it, but I will stop ranting now.

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Knotim said...

Yes, that is what study rooms are for. It seems a little scandalous and slightly indecent to conduct private business in front of everyone while one is breaking the silence rule of the library. It is not just being obnoxious, but also displaying everyone's private information in a place that is open to identity theft. How would those who engage in this type of activity feel if someone lost money or privileges due to their neglect. Obviously the only way their activities would be curtailed is if they were fined for their destructive behavior. In the great libraries of the past, people met to do important business. It is not such a bad idea, if one remembers to be courteous. This is merely one more example of how arrogant we as people have become. Only when we begin to police our own actions can we move into a world that does not require constant supervision. We seem to be decaying into childish attitudes before we even hit adulthood. This is an epidemic of disastrous proportions, now and in the future. The idea that we are the only ones who matter is not only ridiculous, but dangerous to us and our future generations.