Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year......

It has been another long break on the blog for me. That is mostly due to the fact that I finally found a job that has occupied me since October. It's not what I would have liked, but it is a job and at least I am finally working again. I'm afraid that an entire summer off made me rather jealous of my free time now. As with so many things, I fear I failed to truly understand just what I had when I had it. Well, that is not entirely true.

As 2009 draws to a close, I can honestly say I am not at all sad to see it go. In fact, this is one year I am quite glad to see the backside of. I'm not saying the year was entirely without it's good moments, but they seemed rather few sometimes compared to the bad ones. I started the year making a decent salary at a job I had a love-hate relationship with, went through an extended period of unemployment, and ended the year with a job I am not thrilled with, but we survive. Can I just say that at times I am so tired of just surviving? When 2009 started, we had a good shot at a house and life looked like it was definitely on the upswing for me and Merilee. It was not even a quarter of the way gone when that all came crashing down when that love-hate job became a previous employer. Because of that, I missed seeing my kids this summer and we were forced to remain mainly at home as we had just enough to make ends almost touch, though not quite meet. We have been without TV since May (something that both amazes and bothers me) and may never have another chance at a home of our own. We made it through, however, so I am thinking there is hope for 2010.

The year was not entirely without it's moments, as I mentioned. I actually won something with my photography...a first for me...and had my photos displayed at the Provo Library. Merilee and I were able to go camping in Zion and Capital Reef, though our 'engagement anniversary' trip to Arches did not happen this year. We celebrated our first year married and were able to spend a lot of time together. I am now working from home full time, eliminating the almost three hours a day I spent commuting, as well as saving us about $25 a week on bus fare and gas. There have been many small acts of kindness that have been unexpected and most gratefully received, particularly from Merilee's mom, my parents, and a few members of our ward.

Overall, it has been a year to forget. Not surprisingly, it has ended much the way it has gone...with bad news. It turns out that our car failed its safety inspection due to bad windshield wipers. Even worse, the part to fix the problem is almost $300 and has to be ordered. It just couldn't be an easy fix; not in 2009. Nothing has been easy this year. That has been part of its frustration.

With that I intend to put the year behind me and try to look forward without letting the gloom from 2009 overshadow the possibilities of 2010. If all works well, Graeme and Kayleigh will be out this summer and we'll make our regular trip up to Yellowstone, possibly heading up to Glacier as well; if not Glacier, then we'll spend time in the Tetons. My child support payments will be cut in half after May (Graeme will be 18...hard for me to believe sometimes) and the car will be paid off by year's end. Will this be the year I finally sell some of my photographic work? Time will tell. The point is, I am trying will everything I have left to have a positive outlook for 2010. That includes a goal to write here at least once a week. It's good for me to do this, even if the audience is small enough to count on one hand.

So here's to 2010! May it be as great as 2009 was frustrating, as wonderful as 2009 was bewildering, and as magical as 2009 was mundane! Happy New Year!


Geo said...

If you're counting me in the reader hand, can I be the middle finger? : D If that one's already taken, make me the thumb. I could stand for anybody to call me Pinkie, and I don't want to go around pointing at people. I guess that means ring finger is my third choice.

I completely agree that 2009 was a rough one. Strangely though, when it came time to yell our pagan "Good Riddance!" shout while dancing around our blacklists burning on our annual pyre, all I really wanted to do was say, "Hello, 2010! Welcome! Come on in!" I guess I'm reaching a point where I'm sick of looking back. Let's get on with it, eh? It's a clean slate ahead, and thank heaven for it.

I'm thinking you and Merilee should come for supper soon. Not next week, because I;ll be busy trying to finish a long exam for the USU Extension, but how about the week after that?

Happy New Year!

Scott said...

You can be any finger you like lol. We'll keep the pinkie out of it.

I can relate to being sick of looking back. I wrote a final e-mail to a co-worker who I thought was my friend, but who turned out to be anything but, in an effort to finally put the whole PI thing behind me. I felt like I was dropping a lot of emotional baggage at that point. No more dwelling on 2009 and it's host of problems.

Merilee and I would love to come for supper any time. This week turned into a nightmare for me work-wise, so it wouldn't have worked. I'm off at 5:30PM, and any evening works well for us at this point. I'm already looking forward to it.