Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Just thought I would include a bit of colour with this post. This was early autumn up the south fork of Provo canyon.

I decided that this year it might help if I put my 'resolutions' for the year in a more public place to help remind myself that I actually did make them at some point in time. That said, I am not actually calling these resolutions. These are more like goals I have for the coming year. I'll check back on them periodically and see how I am doing. This will also allow me to do a personal progress check right before 2011. Anyway, here goes.

What I Plan (Hope) To Accomplish In 2010
1. Post something to my blog weekly.

2. Add something new to my Flickr site at least monthly.

3. Exercise each weekday (at least). This will be walking, at least at first. I have to be in hiking shape for this summer.

4. Write creatively at least once a week. This is something I have not done in a long time that I need to do more of.

5. Complete and (self) publish my book on Arches. That means using Blurb or some other site (suggestions welcome).

6. Improve my photography skills.

7. Sell a photo. Not sure how I will go about this one, but I think it is a worthy goal.

8. Eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) drinking soda. Who needs to drink their calories? Not me. I say at least greatly reduce because I know this is one of my great weaknesses and I don't want to beat myself up if I stumble on occasion. The goal is elimination.

9. Eat better and lose weight. I have to face it, for me these go hand in hand.

10. Be a better friend.

11. Read scriptures and pray daily. I recognize the need for me to be more valiant in my beliefs. I also need to pay my tithing, something I have always struggled with.

12. Try harder to see the positive things in my life. After last year, that one may be a lot harder than it sounds.

13. Be a better father.

14. Be a better husband.

I think I will let those stand for now. I know I will come up with more, but I don't want to be overwhelmed right now. At least the year has started off well. Merilee and I had a fun day getting our grocery shopping done and we got to have lunch at In-N-Out Burger. I know that isn't exactly healthy, but it sure was good. I was afraid that I had over-hyped the pace with Merilee, but she really liked it too. We may even go again if we can catch it while the crowds are down. We watched some X-Files episodes on DVD, and then finished the evening off with The DaVinci Code. It was a fun day and an auspicious beginning for 2010. We'll see how it goes from here.


Geo said...

Ha! Guess where we had a glorious Christmas Eve dinner this year? That's right. In-N-Out! We'd both gone all day without having lunch or supper, so when it got to be about 9:00 p.m. we both looked at each other and said: Must! Get! Food! Just try and eat out on Christmas Eve night. You've got pretty much two choices: Denny's and In-N-Out. Not too highly festive, I guess, but at least we didn't starve. And it didn't cost much either. Santa was happy about that.

Your list of goals is great. We have several twinner goals, how about that? Seems like you chose a good and reasonable list of great choices to make. May we both be successful. I can give you a pep talk about tithing and other #11-related issues, if you ever want me to.

The selfish part of me is really hoping you stick to your guns on #1. It's nice to find you blogging again, 'specially since we don't seem to visit much. (Let's make a goal of that, shall we?)

Scott said...

Yay for In-N-Out!

Any pep talks you could pass my way would be most welcome, especially on the tithing subject. It is something I have struggled with a lot, especially when things seem so tight already. Check one of the year is written and will be in the Bishop's hands tomorrow, so at least I am starting out right.

Let's definitely make a goal of getting together more often this year. I often chide myself for being so close and not seeing you and Rob more often. We definitely have to change that this year, especially as I am now working from home full time and have no commute to interfere.