Monday, September 05, 2011

Lack-Of-Labor Day

It has been a nice Labor Day. We managed to take a nice drive on the Alpine Loop, though we almost got hit by people driving down the middle of the road a couple of times. I was amazed to see all the cars parked along the side of the road anywhere they could find even a hint of space. I do not believe I have ever seen so many people up there.

We would likely have tried to go hiking today if Merilee's foot felt better. I'm hoping it gets better before we are supposed to go down to Capitol Reef again. That's only a couple of weeks away and it will be a much longer, more restful break. Even now I am dreading returning to work tomorrow morning. The last three weeks have been incredible stressful and draining, and I am concerned about another week like that, even if it is a short week. At least I have the State Fair to look forward to on Saturday.

Instead of doing anything outdoors other than our drive, we finished watching the extended edition of Return Of The King and just kind of hung out. I did get a few things out into storage and I helped our neighbor clear out a few overly ambitious grape vines, but other than that is has been a fairly lazy day. I hope I sleep well tonight and have an uneventful day tomorrow. Maybe I'll have something more exciting to write about tomorrow as well.

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