Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Have we forgotten the strength
Of a simple touch
Or the warmth of a voice
Speaking for us alone?
Lost in a world of pixels and texts
Safe electronic shelters
Free from the need
For true human interaction
Speech, touch, laughter
The light in another's eyes
The smile on cherished friend's face

Sheltered by the distance
Brought by e-mail and chat
Are we forgetting what it means
To be human?
Acquaintances pass for friends
In worlds with internet harbors
And friends fade to acquaintances
Relationships become too much work
In a society where
Almost any desire
Can seem to be satisfied
In an instant
Are we handing over
The best of what we are
To the soulless machines?
Convinced we are not alone
As we share keystrokes in the dark

1 comment:

Geo said...

Is this an invitation to dinner? ; )