Thursday, September 15, 2011

Almost Here

No, this is not from this year. Yes, it is almost Autumn. I have so enjoyed the cooler nights recently and I am looking forward to heading up into the mountains to try to capture more photos like this one. With all the water we have had lately, who knows how colourful things could get.

Next week my streak of blog entries may come to an end as we are planning on going to Capitol Reef for a few days, possibly with a side trip down to Bryce Canyon. Merilee's foot is still bothering her, but she says she is happy to relax in camp while I go hiking. I'm not sure I like that idea (I would feel bad leaving her all alone in camp), but both of us are at the point that we really need an escape and I would really like some apples. We'll see what happens. If it means not going to Capitol Reef so that Merilee's foot is better for Arches in October, I may opt for that. I could really use some time camping, though. Looks like it will be an interesting weekend going back and forth, trying to decide.

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