Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Monday

Only 14 more work days until Labor Day Weekend! It's kind of sad that my weekdays have become almost just something to get through until the weekends. Mondays are actually easier for me than Fridays because by Friday, I am so ready for the work week to be over that the day just seems to drag. Today was very busy, but at least no one yelled at me. I still finished feeling mentally drained, but not enough to keep me from grilling salmon for dinner. Hot coals and a little Cajun seasoning and culinary perfection in nearly obtained.

Tonight we finished watching the extended edition of The Fellowship Of The Ring. This is the first time I have seen the film so soon after reading the book. I really enjoy all the films, but I object to the way the film weakens Aragorn as a character. The doubt-filled character of the films lacks some of the heroism of the book in my opinion. I have had to remind myself to just enjoy the film and spend time comparing the two (for example, Moria was always Gandalf's plan in the book, but Aragorn insisted they try Caradhras first). I could have spent the whole time pointing out differences if I had wanted to. The books are like dear old friends to me, so I can never escape some comparisons, but the films are enjoyable in their own right as films. We'll watch The Two Towers after I finish the book again.

The Facebook photo contest is proving to be a flop for me. It is basically just a popularity contest and I find that while I have quite a few 'friends' on Facebook, almost none of them are willing to vote for me. I have half a mind to delete the photo and bag the whole thing. I might have a chance if the photo was judged on its merits, but not so much this way. I have 30 points and 15 of them are from my own votes.

I think I am done for tonight. Evening all!

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