Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movies And Books

Tonight we watched the extended edition of The Two Towers. This is the film that Peter Jackson took the most liberties with and I still cannot quite understand why. I am sure I have mentioned before that I do not like what he does with the character of Faramir. In the book, he has no desire for the ring and he stands in stark contrast to his brother, Boromir, who trys to take the ring. The movie turns him into Boromir II in many ways. He is redemmed somewhat at the end of the film, but for me the damage is done by then. Elves at Helm's Deep? The ents initially deciding not to attack Isengard? Rohan hesitant to go to battle? I think not. I know that Jackson made changes to make the films flow "better", or to add excitement, but I still have a hard time with this film, especially this time after having just completed reading the book again. Still, these things have been debated ad infinitum for a long time now, so I should probably just learn to let them go. "It's only a movie, it's only a movie."

Good 'Scott as screw up' dreams last night, or at least none that I remembered this morning. Could it be because I didn't have work today? Who knows, just glad it did not happen.

Merilee and I went to Borders today. I feel kind of bad picking over the remains of a dying business, especially one I have enjoyed so much. I have always liked books and book stores, and now I am relegated to  Barnes & Noble. That is not a bad thing, but I wish I knew of a local bookstore that carried a good number of new books. I try to get to the local used book stores when I can because I like to support local businesses, but I will definitely miss Borders. I managed to get a copy of Familyhood by Paul Reiser for just over $10, Kate Bush's Director's Cut CD for $7.99, Anathem by Neal Stephenson for $2.99 (hard bound replacing my paperback copy), and one real find, a book about Spy Magazine (one of my favourites in its time) for a whole 40 cents. I was especially pleased to find the Kate Bush CD.

Tonight as I write this I am enjoying the sound of thunder outside. I am hoping it cools off tonight because it is almost too hot to sleep comfortably; for me, anyway. I like thunder. It is especially amazing while camping in Zion National Park. It just rumbles through the canyon and it can be so loud you can feel it. It is an amazing experience. Tonight's thunder sounds a bit distant, but I am enjoying it none the less.

Four more days.

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Geo said...

So there's still inventory at Borders? I should go and see. I hate that they're closing even if it's a national chain and not a local store. Boo.