Monday, August 01, 2011

Operation Blog, Day 1

It's funny. I had just shut down my computer for the evening when I remembered that I had committed to writing here every day this month. It's typical that I almost forgot on the very first day! It's my last few months in microcosm. No worries, though, as I started the ol' laptop to leave a few words here.

Tonight Merilee and I went to the grand prize drawing for Provo City Library's Summer Reading Program. We have participated for the last three years and we go to the drawing not expecting to win anything, but to just have a little free fun. Tonight we were both amazed by winning door prizes. I got $5 to a local cocoa/cupcake establishment and Merilee won a nice water bottle. It was a very pleasant surprise for us both. No, no Nook for us this year, but then the e-book thing still has not sucked me in. I like holding a book and reading words on paper too much still, I guess. It was a fun hour spent at the library.

That's about all for tonight. It's a start. And that is saying something.

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