Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Month, Round Two

Here we are, September first. This could end up being a rather good month. Labor Day weekend is this weekend. The Utah State Fair starts next weekend and I am taking up a couple of photos to enter on Saturday. We have a camping trip planned for the 21st (though this may change is Merilee's ankle doesn't get better by then). I have training during work at the end of the month that will take me off of the phone for a couple of days. Then there's my birthday. All in all, it could be a fun one. Now if I can just get through one more day of work.....

I openly admit that yesterday's entry was kind of phoned in, as it were. I just wanted something short and to the point. It was nice to actually accomplish the goal. What I wanted was really big letters, but I had to settle for the largest the blog would allow. It is a bit hard to believe how quickly the month passed now that it is over.

I know this is another slow start, but this week at work has been completely draining and I should really get some sleep.

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Geo said...

Yeah, September! I hope it's even better than you hope! ; )